Frozen Pork wholesale, Pork import/export and trade.

Meat pork, more commonly known as pork, is a versatile and popular meat that is derived from domesticated pigs. It is known for its tender and succulent texture, making it a favorite among meat enthusiasts worldwide. From mouth-watering ribs and juicy chops to flavorful roasts and savory bacon, pork offers a range of delicious culinary possibilities. Whether braised, grilled, roasted, or cured, pork can be prepared in countless ways, allowing for a diverse array of dishes and flavors. Its rich taste and ability to absorb seasonings and marinades make it a versatile protein option that has found its way into various global cuisines. Be it in traditional classics or modern fusion creations, meat pork continues to be cherished for its taste, versatility, and contribution to a wide range of mouthwatering dishes


  • Label: Incorporated Brands
  • Origin: Europe , South America , South Africa
  • Delivery: World wide
  • Spec: Frozen
  • Processing type:
  • Freezing process: Individually Quick Frozen
  • Packaging: Varies
  • Certification: HACCP | Halal
  • Delivery: From single pallet to full container load.

* These are general specs. It can vary by product

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