Sugar ICUMSA 45


  • Cane Sugar: ICUMSA 45
  • Origin: Europe , South America , South Africa
  • Delivery: World wide
  • Color: Sparkling Crystal White
  • Polarization at 20’C: 99.80% Max
  • Crop: Current Crop
Catégorie : ,


White sugar wholesale ICUMSA 45

Import, Export and Trade of Sugar ICUMSA 45

As an international supplier of ICUMSA 45, we are responsible for importing and exporting to important customer areas around the world.

We provide products and services to importers in the following food sector:

  • industry
  • wholesale suppliers
  • food service retailers
  • retail business

Package size can be customized for wholesale and retail purposes to meet buyer needs. Many of our refined white sugars and raw brown sugars are available under strict international standards certification.


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