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Buffalo meat, also known as bison meat, is the lean, tender, and flavorful meat that comes from the American bison. It is a healthier alternative to beef as it is lower in fat and calories while being rich in protein. Buffalo meat is also high in iron and omega-3 fatty acids, making it a nutritious choice for those seeking a well-balanced diet. The taste of buffalo meat is often described as slightly sweeter and more robust than beef, making it a favorite among meat enthusiasts. Additionally, buffalo are typically raised in a more natural and sustainable environment, contributing to their meat's overall quality. Whether enjoyed in burgers, steaks, or stews, buffalo meat provides a delicious and nutritious option for meat lovers.


  • Label: Embedded brands
  • Origin: Europe, South America, South Africa
  • Delivery: Worldwide
  • Spec: Frozen and refrigerated
  • Type of processing : Manual slaughter
  • Freezing process: Individually deep-frozen
  • Packaging : Variable
  • Certification: HACCP | Halal
  • Delivery: From single pallet to full container.

*These are general specifications. They may vary depending on the product.

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