Frozen Beef wholesale, Beef import/export and trade.

Beef, one of the most popular and widely consumed types of meat worldwide, holds a prominent place in various cuisines and cultural traditions. Derived from cattle, beef is valued for its rich flavor, tender texture, and versatility in preparation. Whether it is tenderloin, ribeye, or sirloin, beef offers a wide range of cuts suitable for different cooking methods, such as grilling, roasting, stewing, or broiling. Beyond its delicious taste, beef is also highly nutritious, providing a significant source of essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals. Despite its controversy due to environmental and ethical concerns surrounding cattle farming, beef remains a key ingredient in many classic dishes like steak, burgers, stews, and even traditional dishes like beef bourguignon or beef Wellington, contributing to the diverse and flavorful world of culinary delights


  • Label: Embedded brands
  • Origin: Europe, South America, South Africa
  • Delivery: Worldwide
  • Spec: Frozen and refrigerated
  • Type of processing : Manual slaughter
  • Freezing process: Individually deep-frozen
  • Packaging : Variable
  • Certification: HACCP | Halal
  • Delivery: From single pallet to full container.

*These are general specifications. They may vary depending on the product.

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