Milk Powder

  • Product: Milk Powder
  • Type: Whole milk powder and Skimmed Milk powder
  • Origin: Europe , South America , South Africa
  • Delivery: World wide
  • Shelf life: 12-18 months
  • Pack: 250-2500g small bags and 1000 kg big bags
  • Spec: LDPE multilayer bags
  • Processing type:
  • Certification: HACCP | IFS | ISO 9001


Wholesale Milk Powder

Import, Export and Trading of milk powder

Milk powder, also known as powdered milk, is a versatile and convenient dairy product that has a long shelf life and various applications. It is derived from regular milk by evaporating the liquid content, resulting in a powdered form that can be reconstituted with water when needed. Milk powder is an excellent option for those who may not have regular access to fresh milk or need a convenient dairy alternative. It can be used as a convenient and longer-lasting substitute for liquid milk in cooking and baking recipes, providing the same nutritional benefits such as calcium, protein, and essential vitamins. Additionally, milk powder is also commonly used in the production of infant formula, as it offers a safe and easily digestible alternative for babies who are unable to be breastfed. With its versatility, longer shelf life, and convenience, milk powder plays a crucial role in ensuring a steady supply of milk-based products in various situations and is a popular choice for individuals and industries seeking a reliable and easy-to-use dairy option.


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