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Wholesale importer of oriental food products, VERODAV GROUP is a recognized supplier to halal semi-wholesalers, oriental stores, street vendors, grocery buyers in the world of supermarkets. VERODAV GROUP also works with other trades such as: halal caterers, Moroccan restaurants, Lebanese….etc.

Spicy is the first word that comes to the evocation of oriental cuisine! VERODAV GROUP wholesales in batches in different packaging the famous harissa sauce from Cap Bon as well as Berber harissa.

Olives take pride of place in the VERODAV GROUP oriental wholesaler range: pitted black olives and pitted green olives are sold wholesale in batches in 5kg and 360g boxes.

Pulses, the basis of cooked dishes, soups in many Eastern countries are delivered in boxes of 12 in 1kg packets: coral lentils, blond lentils, white bullion beans, pink coconut beans.

For couscous, La Belle brand fine or medium couscous seeds can be ordered at wholesale prices per 5 kg bag delivered on a pallet. These bags can supply bulk distribution columns at points of sale or bins in markets. La Belle couscous is also available in 1kg packets.

Durum wheat semolina (medium, fine or extra fine) used in pastries is available in 5kg Fantasia brand bags.

Moroccan harira and chorba are hearty soups made from broth and vegetables to which, depending on the variant, small soup noodles, semolina or bulgur are added.

Traders, restaurateurs and oriental pastry chefs buy brick sheets wholesale from VERODAV GROUP.

VERODAV GROUP, your oriental spices wholesaler, offers professionals an exhaustive assortment of oriental spices:

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